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8 Flow­er­ing shrub in the rose fam­ily, widely cul­ti­vated, with dense, colour­ful in­flo­res­cences (6) 9 Small plants some­times called wind­flow­ers (8) 10 A rab­bit’s tail (4) 11 Cross be­tween a rasp­berry and a black­berry (10) 12 Large At­lantic seabird that might be lesser or great (5-6,4) 16 ___ lands, term for mar­ginal ur­ban or sub­ur­ban habi­tats pop­u­larised by Mar­ion Shoard (4) 17 Name given to divers in North Amer­ica (5) 18 Tree shrub Myr­cia pa­ganii, na­tive to Puerto Rico (4) 20 Slen­der, in­sect-eat­ing song­bird Motacilla clara, found in the up­lands of sub-Sa­ha­ran Africa (8,7) 22 Tree of the genus Fi­cus with small fruits, glossy leaves and milky, mildly toxic sap (7,3) 26 Pho­to­syn­thetic or­gan­ism such as kelp or Chlorella (4) 27 Chick­weed named for its soft, hairy leaves (5,3) 28 The ___ ele­phant is a sub­species of the Asian ele­phant (6)


1 Pat­terned with spots, like the wood but­ter­fly Pararge aege­ria (8) 2 El­e­gant seabird that makes the long­est an­nual mi­gra­tion of any bird (6,4) 3 Bright blue-flow­er­ing mem­ber of the bellflower fam­ily, na­tive to Florida (3,7) 4 Mod­i­fied max­il­lary tooth found in car­niv­o­rous mam­mals (4) 5 Meaty seed of a plant in the fam­ily Fabaceae – mung or soya, per­haps (4) 6 Marine flat­fish (4) 7 Tube-nosed seabird of the or­der Pro­cell arii formes (6) 13 The branch­ing, leaf-bear­ing part of a tree (5) 14 UK re­gion, home to the RSPB reserves Mins­mere, Strump­shaw Fen and Titch­well (4,6) 15 Large, bam­boo-eat­ing mam­mal, na­tive to China (5,5) 19 Flat-bod­ied, venomous marine fish, re­lated to the sharks (8) 21 Spot­ted cat of South Amer­ica (6) 23 The cater­pil­lar of the ___ moth may squirt formic acid if at­tacked (4) 24 Tree in the ma­hogany fam­ily, also called In­dian lilac (4) 25 Fronded, flow­er­less vas­cu­lar plant that re­pro­duces via spores (4)

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