BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Wild At Home - Ques­tions set by ADAM JA­COT DE BOINOD

1) the def­i­ni­tion for tulchan

A a spur at­tached to the heel of a fight­ing cock

B a stuffed calf’s skin set be­side a cow to in­duce her to give milk

C a leather strap used to bind a hawk’s wing

2) the an­i­mal you as­so­ci­ate with the ad­jec­tive os­tracine

A a lark B an oys­ter C a pen­guin

3) the off­spring of a mon­key

A a far­row B a whelp C an in­fant

4) the sound made by grasshop­pers

A a chirp B a creak C a chant

5) the name for a fe­male tur­key

A a queen B a gob­bler C a hen

6) the col­lec­tive noun for eels

A a bed B a raft C a pit

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