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I en­joyed Mike Dil­ger on rock­pool wildlife (Wildlife Watch­ing, Au­gust 2018). I'd like to share my re­cent in­ter­ac­tions with rock­pool prawn, Palae­mon el­e­gans. This is an in­quis­i­tive prawn species com­monly found in Bri­tish rock­pools. They usu­ally for­age and scav­enge for food, so it pays for them to be cu­ri­ous about any­thing new in their en­vi­ron­ment – even my feet. Much of their usual diet comes from de­tri­tus (or­ganic mat­ter pro­duced by de­com­pos­ing or­gan­isms), and in this case they were try­ing to eat the dead layer of skin cells on my toes. Given their level of in­ter­est and the fact that they were fight­ing one an­other, I sug­gest they found me pretty tasty! Luck­ily, all I felt was a slight tickle. Huw Griffiths, via Twit­ter

A peck­ish prawn stops for a nib­ble.

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