‘It’s an ex­cit­ing era of tech­nol­ogy, what a time to be alive’

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Q what’s the best piece of busi­ness (or life) ad­vice you’ve ever been given? ADO some­thing that you re­ally love. Qwhat piece of ad­vice would you pass on to some­one start­ing out in engi­neer­ing?

A fol­low your dream, don’t be afraid to take chances to get there.

Q what was your best ca­reer/ busi­ness de­ci­sion? AI re­ally en­joyed my time in the pri­vate sec­tor, but I’d have to say mov­ing into academia at QUB has been my best de­ci­sion. QIF you weren’t do­ing this job, what would be your other ca­reer?

A rock star.

Q what was your last hol­i­day? Where are you go­ing next?

A MY last hol­i­day was in Spain ski­ing in the Sierra Ne­vada and I’m head­ing to China later this month.

Q what are your hob­bies/ in­ter­ests?

A I love learning new lan­guages (I speak Span­ish, French and Man­darin) and also play the clar­inet.

Q what is your favourite sport and team?

A I used to en­joy fol­low­ing foot­ball but have been too busy lately.

Q and have you ever played any sports?

A I used to play a lot of foot­ball back in the day, but my big­gest pas­sion was Taek­wondo un­til in­jury forced me to give it up.

Q IF you en­joy read­ing, can you rec­om­mend a book?

A too many to list. Hype­r­ion by Dan Sim­mons, Lord of the Rings or any of Terry Pratch­ett’s or Neal Asher’s bril­liant books.

Q how would you de­scribe your early life?

A idyl­lic.

Q have you any eco­nomic pre­dic­tions?

A be­ing an op­ti­mist, I think North­ern Ire­land will re­ally thrive as the new in­dus­trial rev­o­lu­tion kicks in.

Q how would you as­sess your time in busi­ness?

A ex­hil­a­rat­ing. I’ve al­ways loved the world of engi­neer­ing so to have been lucky enough to have worked in in­dus­try dur­ing such a time of change, and now to work in the univer­sity along­side in­dus­try, is a real plea­sure.

We live in an ex­cit­ing era of tech­nol­ogy and so­ci­etal change — it’s a great time to be alive.

Hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion: Mark is plan­ning a visit to China

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