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Some­how it is eas­ier to fo­cus on pre­par­ing the chil­dren for go­ing ba back to school when the weather is dull and blus­tery. Au­tumn seems just around the cor­ner.

The be­gin­ning of a new school year feels ev­ery bit as sig­nif­i­cant as the start of a new cal­en­dar year. For lit­tle on ones just start­ing out on their school jour­ney, it’s hard to con­tain the ex­cite­ment - and the nerves. And this is al­most equally the case for tho those mak­ing the tran­si­tion from pri­mary school to ‘ big school’, es­pe­cially if that also in­volves shift­ing from a ru­ral to a town or city school. Shift­ing the fo­cus onto the shop­ping ex­cur­sion to get ready for the new term can easee some of that anx­i­ety and lit­tle ones, in par­tic­u­lar, love to try on their first ever uni­form - even if it makes mummy cry.

Some peo­ple like to pick up bits and pieces as they go about their nor­mal shop­pings busi­ness, while for oth­ers, the back to school shop is an event in it­self and they will get ev­ery­thing from the uni­form, shoes and PE kit to books, bags and coats in one go.

Depend­ing on the weather, many chil­dren will be wear­ing their sum­mer uni­form for the first month or so of the term but that doesn’t mean you should hold back on get­ting the win­ter uni­form in, as it may be nec­es­sary to or­der in the size you need if you de­lay too long.

Of course, the school­wear spe­cial­ists have a vast ar­ray of op­tions in stock and you may be pleas­antly sur­prised at the value for money avail­able for top qual­ity goods.

Com­fort and qual­ity should be to the fore when it comes to buy­ing shoes and school­bags as both are go­ing to be in for a lot of wear.

A back­pack style of bag is much bet­ter for your child’s back than one which is car­ried over one shoul­der and the older they are, the heav­ier their school­bag is likely to be so make sure it is strong enough to cope with the weight.

Don’t for­get to have a fi­nal look over the check­list pro­vided by the school as it might in­clude un­usual items such as boxes of tis­sues or glue sticks which you might not have con­sid­ered buy­ing, or hard to find things like scrap­books. Also, re­mem­ber to take a photo of your lit­tle dar­ling in their fin­ery - they tend not to look that neat for very long.

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