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LOOK­ING for a cos­met­i­cally at­trac­tive and prac­ti­cal so­lu­tion to paint and body­work wear and tear on your ve­hi­cle fleet, plant and ma­chin­ery? Then check out Raptor – an eas­ily ap­plied and ex­tremely durable pro­tec­tive coat­ing which has now ar­rived in North­ern Ire­land. Sprayed onto vir­tu­ally any ve­hi­cle sur­face Raptor will pro­vide years of hard wear­ing ser­vice for chal­leng­ing ar­eas such as load­bays, wheel arches, side­steps, sills, door aper­tures and panel lead­ing edges.

A re­silient and tintable coat­ing, Raptor is spray ap­plied and any scratches and scrapes over a ve­hi­cle’s life­time can be eas­ily re­paired by brush or roller. Raptor comes in a di­verse range of colours and is also avail­able in vary­ing tex­tures from su­per­smooth through to high grip rough – for ar­eas where a safe foothold is needed (eg pol­ished trailer ramps and tail­gates).

Raptor is the only pro­tec­tive coat­ing rec­om­mended by Isuzu, man­u­fac­tur­ers of North­ern Ire­land farm­ers’ favourite pick-up, the Isuzu D-max. Raptor can even be used as a non-re­flec­tive fin­ish to kill reflections from shiny sur­faces (for ex­am­ple on a game keeper’s stalk ve­hi­cle grille, door han­dles and mir­ror cas­ings). Two Raptor spe­cial­ist ap­pli­ca­tion cen­tres – John Barr Cars in Crum­lin and Eakin Bros in Claudy – have been ap­pointed to ser­vice North­ern Ire­land.

“Un­like tra­di­tional load lin­ers if the load bay pro­tec­tor is dam­aged down the years (for ex­am­ple through care­less fork­lift use) with Raptor any dam­age can be quickly and cheaply re­paired by brush or roller, main­tain­ing the in­tegrity of the pro­tec­tive coat. Pre­vents out of sight cor­ro­sion hotspots and more cost ef­fec­tive than a new load liner” said John Barr “Rusty wheel arches or sill plates on older ve­hi­cles can be quickly and eas­ily reme­died, and with a di­verse range of colours avail­able it’s a very pleas­ing fin­ish. Drop in and see for your­self the range of fin­ishes avail­able – our Isuzu demo fleet has been Raptor coated to fully pro­tect our own com­pany as­sets.”

“Raptor coat­ing is ideal for pick-ups, lor­ries, trac­tors, quads, dig­gers, trail­ers and car­a­vans too” said Peter Eakin “Many trail­ers have alu­minium load gates which can be ex­tremely haz­ardous when wet. The rougher grades of Raptor pro­vide pro­tec­tion and grip, with lit­er­ally end­less ap­pli­ca­tions. For a mod­est lay­out you can pro­tect your ma­chin­ery from cor­ro­sion and an­i­mal waste, and min­imise dam­age to staff, goods and live­stock. Raptor hose cleans eas­ily – choose from smooth tex­ture through to rough – call in to see the full range of tex­tures and colour op­tions.”

Eakin Bros and John Barr Cars have in­vested sub­stan­tially in equip­ment and train­ing to meet Raptor stan­dards. Raptor can be eas­ily ap­plied to any make of com­mer­cial, van, trailer or farm ma­chin­ery. “It’s a mod­est in­vest­ment to pro­tect ma­chin­ery from the el­e­ments, and the high de­mands of ev­ery day wear and tear” said an Isuzu spokesper­son “Raptor pro­tec­tive coat­ing en­sures when it comes time to change, well-pre­sented equip­ment al­ways re­alises bet­ter val­ues than com­pa­ra­ble ma­chin­ery in poor con­di­tion”.

Pic­ture at­tached – Isuzu D-max with Raptor pro­tec­tion ap­plied.

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