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When our daugh­ter was 11 months old, my part­ner walked out on us. It hurt like hell. I thought I had moved on, but last week I bumped into him and was gut­ted when he in­tro­duced me to his new wife and baby. I was com­pletely shocked and, as I walked away, I burst into tears as I re­alised I still loved him. FIONA SAYS: IT WILL TAKE TIME FOR THE PAIN TO FADE It can take a long time for the hurt of a failed re­la­tion­ship to pass and, in your case, prob­a­bly more so be­cause your daugh­ter is a con­stant re­minder of this man and the painful break-up.

Even if there was a faint pos­si­bil­ity the re­la­tion­ship could be rekin­dled (which seems un­likely), would you want to trust this thought­less man again?

Seek help from Re­late (www.re­late. org.uk) and rely on the sup­port of your fam­ily and friends.

Try to stay pos­i­tive and tell your­self you and your daugh­ter de­serve bet­ter. In time, the pain will fade. Do I need to change my name when my divorced is fi­nalised? I have dis­cussed it with friends, but no one knows if there is a le­gal re­quire­ment. Also, I don’t want to up­set my son.

HS FIONA SAYS: YOU CAN RE­VERT TO YOUR MAIDEN NAME IF YOU WISH There is no le­gal re­quire­ment to give up your name. You can switch back to your maiden name or choose a dif­fer­ent one, but do­ing so will have reper­cus­sions for your son that you should con­sider.

If he is still at school, it may be less prob­lem­atic if you re­tain your cur­rent sur­name. Chil­dren can be cruel. Other than that, you should in­form of­fi­cial in­sti­tu­tions such as HMRC of your di­vorce.

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