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Be­fore he passed away, I looked after my el­derly fa­ther for sev­eral years, who bat­tled with both prostate can­cer and dementia. He was very hard work at times, but I was happy to care for him as my sis­ter lives on the other side of the coun­try and has a tough job, as well as three teenage chil­dren.

To­wards the end of his life though, I de­vel­oped M.E. and I sim­ply didn’t have the en­ergy to man­age. Be­cause we don’t have any other close fam­ily mem­bers, my sis­ter was forced to take over. Sadly, I never got to see my dad again and he died a few months later.

My M.E. is now, more or less, sta­bilised. My sis­ter and I had lit­tle or no con­tact while I was ill but I was fine with that, be­cause I knew she had more than enough to do with our dad.

Since the funeral though, she’s ig­nored the emails and mes­sages I’ve left on her mo­bile phone. I’ve even sent a let­ter by post but got no re­ply. Why is she do­ing this to me? FIONA SAYS: YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND TALK It’s pos­si­ble that she doesn’t un­der­stand just how de­bil­i­tat­ing M.E. can be and thinks you used it as an ex­cuse to pass your fa­ther’s care across to her.

The bot­tom line is, you won’t know un­til you’ve had a chance to talk to her.

In the mean­time, try not to judge her too harshly. She may have very valid rea­sons why she is avoid­ing con­tact that might have noth­ing to do with you. Con­tinue to leave mes­sages that stress how wor­ried you are about her and that you miss her.

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