Belfast wo­man Marie Con­lon ‘lay dead for over two years in flat’

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Clare Reid: This is heart­break­ing. That poor lady. I think this just shows how much hu­man­ity has gone to pot. What hap­pened to look­ing out for your neigh­bours? Just so sad.

Angie McCar­roll: What kind of so­ci­ety are we liv­ing in? Do neigh­bours no longer look out for one an­other?

Robert McCord: Not just neigh­bours. Was she not missed by other peo­ple in her GP ser­vice, pen­sions and such like?

Donna Marie McBride: So sad to think that she wasn’t missed by any­one. Shouldn’t hap­pen to­day.

Kathrin Poser: Be­side the shock­ing fact that no­body missed this lady, who paid for rent etc? Why are peo­ple only con­cerned about her wel­fare now?

Ash­leigh McDade: My thoughts ex­actly. Anne Bar­ron: My nextdoor neighbour, we call each other, or phone, ev­ery day. Poor lady. It’s so sad.

Sa­man­tha Rose: If she was get­ting hous­ing ben­e­fit paid di­rectly to her land­lord, no one would have no­ticed as it would just have con­tin­ued. Same with ben­e­fits/pen­sion — they would just have con­tin­ued un­til some­one looked into her case and no­ticed the money was not be­ing touched. Sad that no neigh­bours no­ticed she wasn’t around.

Kathrin Poser: Makes sense, but were there no an­nual in­spec­tions of the house or elec­tric/gas me­ter?

Jean Owens Nel­son: Iam a pen­sioner and have to fill in a rent re­bate form at least once a year.

Cathie Gar­rett: It’s time we all got back to ac­tu­ally car­ing and get­ting to know our neigh­bours.

Natalie Bell: How can no­body miss you? It shocks me in this day and age.

Joseph Gal­braith: God love her. Very hard to be­lieve some­one could not be missed for two years.

Linda Tim­blin: Un­for­tu­nately, that’s the so­ci­ety we live in. Ev­ery­one is mov­ing so fast, they for­get to look around them.

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