Staff mem­ber told to re­move poppy in‘ in­cor­rect, knee-jerk’ re­ac­tion: shop

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Colin Hynds: East Lon­don­derry DUP MLA Mau­rice Bradley said the poppy “should not be politi­cised”. Se­ri­ously? You loy­al­ists have politi­cised it for the last 20 years. It used to be ‘poppy day’, now it’s now ‘poppy month’ and God help any­one seen with­out one. My grand­dad fought in two world wars, so I can say I don’ t want to wear one.

Alan An­der­son: Did you ac­tu­ally read the ar­ti­cle? Or do you just pre­fer to put your spin on it?

Rachel Hurst: Well, Colin, I’m sure your grand­fa­ther is so proud of you. He sac­ri­ficed him­self to make sure you had a fu­ture. Do you ever won­der what the world would be like if those brave men hadn’t put their lives on the line?

Sean Sloan: The world would have been broadly sim­i­lar, Rachel. Mar­ket forces dic­tate.

Eye­van Dins­more: Are you mad, Colin? It has been the repub­li­can move­ment’s goal to erad­i­cate

all things Protes­tant, union­ist, loy­al­ist. It was the repub­li­can move­ment who politi­cised the poppy. How many loy­al­ists were in at­ten­dance at Glas­nevin Ceme­tery on Sun­day for the re­mem­brance pa­rade?

Stephen Wil­liamson:

Red poppy should be binned for the new white one. Hope­fully, Sinn Fein can bring about the leg­is­la­tion to make it so. The white poppy will be un­di­vided and every­one can wear one.

Shane T James: Yeah, they might have lived un­der an Or­ange Order-run sec­tar­ian statelet, where they would be de­nied civil rights, jobs and hous­ing be­cause of their re­li­gion. That’s what hap­pened to Catholics in the six coun­ties who went and fought for the Bri­tish Em­pire.

Diane English: Did you read the story? They said it shouldn’t have hap­pened and it won’t hap­pen again. On the other hand, where are the apolo­gies for those be­ing con­demned and

ridiculed for not wear­ing one? I’m guess­ing that isn’t im­por­tant, as their choice isn’t rel­e­vant when they de­cide not to wear one.

Paul Keenan: You get id­iots ev­ery­where. The com­pany sorted it, rightly so. Hap­pens all the time.

Gavin Martin: Here we go again. If you don’t want to wear one, that’s fine by me. But staff should not be told to re­move them. I wear my poppy for my own rea­sons, but I don’t look down on those who don’t.

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