‘I’d like to sit be­side Alan Carr as he would make you laugh’

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Itravel all the time and go to the States for make-up shows at least twice a year. I also visit Paris and Am­s­ter­dam to meet with the brands we stock in the shop. I’m more com­fort­able fly­ing when I don’t have to take my kit with me.

Bring­ing the whole thing means I have to split it up into flight cases and I live in fear that some­thing will go miss­ing. It hasn’t hap­pened yet, but if I ar­rived to do a job with an in­com­plete kit it would be a dis­as­ter.

I bring as much on­board with me as I can, but then I need to get through se­cu­rity. I get so stressed when the se­cu­rity staff are han­dling all of the prod­ucts and open­ing things up­side down. Now I try to find the woman who wears the most make-up and go to her — she’ll, at least, ap­pre­ci­ate what she’s han­dling.

When I’m fly­ing I bring hy­dra­tion spray, some fra­grance and lip balm be­cause it’s so de­hy­drat­ing. I can get re­ally ir­ri­tated eyes, so I bring a lit­tle eye gel too. I haven’t had any fly­ing dis­as­ters — the odd bumpy land­ing. I did get lucky once and got up­graded to busi­ness class. It was a night­mare trip where I flew from Dublin to London, London to New York, on to Los An­ge­les af­ter three days and then flew back a cou­ple of days later.

I got up­graded from LA to New York and it think it was be­cause we bored the check-in peo­ple so much with the tales of our ex­haus­tion. There were a cou­ple of can­cel­la­tions in busi­ness class so we got those.

I would like to sit be­side some­one like Alan Carr.

Some­one to make you laugh is a good way to spend time on a flight. He’s also in­ter­viewed loads of celebri­ties, so he would be able to give me the inside scoop on all of them.”

Alan Carr

Make-up artist Paddy McGur­gan lives in Belfast. He says:

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