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Both Eu­ge­nie and her sis­ter Beatrice were named af­ter mem­bers of the Royal Fam­ily with direct links to Queen Vic­to­ria. In Beatrice’s case, her first name is that of Vic­to­ria’s youngest daugh­ter, fol­lowed by El­iz­a­beth Mary, which both come from her grand­moth­ers, in­clud­ing The Queen.

Eu­ge­nie’s full name – Eu­ge­nie Vic­to­ria He­lena – is an­other nod to the ma­tri­ar­chal line. He­lena was Vic­to­ria’s third daugh­ter, while Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie of Bat­ten­berg was the for­mi­da­ble monarch’s grand­daugh­ter, born to Princess Beatrice.

Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie be­came Queen of Spain, but her own mar­riage to King Al­fonso

XIII faced some hur­dles that our Eu­ge­nie has not had to over­come. For a start, her fu­ture mother-in-law was not a fan (she con­sid­ered the Bat­ten­berg part of the fam­ily be­neath her and wanted Catholic roy­alty for her son) but even­tu­ally re­lented.

And there would be no Wind­sor wed­ding here. Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie trav­elled to Madrid in 1906, via Ver­sailles and Biar­ritz and con­vert­ing to Catholi­cism along the way. Dur­ing the pro­ces­sion back to the Royal Palace af­ter the wed­ding an­ar­chists at­tempted to as­sas­si­nate the king and queen. A thrown bomb killed at least 15 peo­ple and in­jured many more. Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie was un­in­jured, but be­gan mar­ried life in a blood-spat­tered dress.

It wasn’t the hap­pi­est of mar­riages and the Span­ish royal fam­ily would even­tu­ally go into ex­ile in Switzer­land. Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie de­voted her­self to char­ity work, in­clud­ing The Red Cross, and died in Lau­sanne in 1969. The cur­rent King of Spain is her great-grand­son.

Vic­to­ria Eu­ge­nie of Bat­ten­berg, grand­daugh­ter of Queen Vic­to­ria

Queen Vic­to­ria

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