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The Stade de France cov­ers a to­tal of 17 hectares and weighs around 500,000 tonnes (about the same as 500,000 Po­lar Bears!)

180,000 m3 of con­crete and 32,000 tonnes of steel were used in the con­struc­tion

The steel in the roof it­self weighs 13,000 tons (about the same as 1 and half Eif­fel Tower’s) The roof also con­tains all of the light­ing and sound for the sta­dium, in­clud­ing 550 lights and 180 speak­ers

The lower tier of the sta­dium is re­tractable, al­low­ing the sta­dium to be used for Ath­let­ics

Re­tract­ing (mov­ing) the stand takes 80 hours and needs about 40 peo­ple to be in­volved It is the largest sta­dium in France and the sec­ond largest Six Na­tions venue (be­hind Twick­en­ham)

France have won 4 Grand Slams and 4 Six Na­tions Cham­pi­onships since mov­ing to the venue

The sta­dium can host most sports and also acts as a mu­sic venue - it has hosted more than 350 spe­cial events, with around 30 mil­lion spec­ta­tors

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