Jane McDon­ald: ‘Strictly? No, it’s too much hard work!’

We’d love to see her on the dance floor, but former Loose Women star Jane McDon­ald tells us ex­actly why she won’t be join­ing this year’s batch of celebs...

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Since spring­ing to fame on re­al­ity TV show The Cruise, al­most 20 years ago, singer Jane McDon­ald has never looked back. She’s per­formed all over the coun­try, made us laugh out loud on Loose

Women, and dropped a whop­ping 1½st on ITV’s Sugar Free Farm.

Now, Jane, 54, is back with a sec­ond se­ries of her hit Chan­nel 5 show, Cruis­ing With Jane McDon­ald, as she re­turns to the sea vis­it­ing places like Naples and Stock­holm – with plenty of her trade­mark fun and fri­vol­ity thrown in along the way! Here, the downto-earth York­shire lass tells best why she’s wilder than ever be­fore and the rea­son she won’t sign up to an­other re­al­ity TV show.

Hi Jane, so you’re back for a sec­ond se­ries...

I know, it’s great! It’s the best job in the world. It’s not hard work at all. Well, apart from choos­ing clothes!

What are your favourite mo­ments of this se­ries?

There’s so many, but Cuba was wild. It was like be­ing in the film La La Land. Every corner we turned there were peo­ple singing. One day, I heard mu­sic com­ing from a house, and there was

a woman stood out­side. I said, ‘Is that a party?’ Bear­ing in mind it was 12 o’clock in the af­ter­noon. She said, ‘ Yes,’ so we went in, and it was wild! There was a band play­ing and peo­ple danc­ing – it was like be­ing in Fame!

We hear you had a dance les­son in Cuba. An au­di­tion for Strictly, per­haps?

No, no. Strictly’s proper hard work! This was learn­ing how to salsa and samba. It was great fun.

You said Cuba was wild – did it take you back to crazy days in your youth?

I’m more of a party per­son now, ac­tu­ally. I’m in my sec­ond youth. I don’t know whether it’s a mid-life cri­sis – I think it might be, you know! I’m just like, ‘ Where am I get­ting this en­ergy from?!’ I’m a bit wor­ried be­cause I think, ‘ What’s go­ing to hap­pen next?’ We are quite rock ’n’ roll on tour and on the tour bus.

What do you do?

We’re just wild! I think it’s be­cause the buzz is fan­tas­tic af­ter we come off stage. We live on a tour bus and have known each other for years, so we have a good old party each night. We call it a conga.

You quit al­co­hol when you went sugar-free. Do you ever miss it dur­ing those nights out?

I don’t need it. I have a cup of tea, and I’m still wild! Thank­fully, I don’t have the al­co­hol now, as I can’t deal with the hang­overs any more – that’s the only thing about get­ting older. But it’s the adrenalin with us. We fin­ished a con­cert re­cently in Southamp­ton, got off the bus with our cases and flew straight to Italy. Me and my friend Sue were look­ing at each other think­ing, ‘ What are we do­ing?’

Cruises are known for great food. Was it hard to stick to the diet?

I let my­self go a bit be­cause there’s so much choice. I can’t say I’m 100 per cent sugar free – I’d never do that – but I am aware now of what I’m putting in my body. But on the cruise, there was amaz­ing food ev­ery­where. We also did a pub crawl, and there’s 20 bars on that ship! I fell off the wagon that night.

What did you drink?

Ev­ery­thing! I thought, ‘I’m all right, I can hold my booze.’ But ap­par­ently, I can’t! It was like a rave on there – I’ve never seen any­thing like it. I was in a very dark place the day af­ter.

Does your other half (mu­si­cian Ed Rothe) stick to the diet when you’re away?

He prob­a­bly falls off the wagon, too. He’s like, ‘ Yay! I can have a cho­co­late bis­cuit!’ But when we’re at home, we’re re­ally good. I do tend to stick to it even when I’m away. I’ve been do­ing it for nearly three years now, and haven’t put a pound on. I can’t be­lieve it.

You’ve said your weight loss has given you both a new lease of life – has it added spice to your re­la­tion­ship?

I’m never here, love! So if it has, it’s not with me. [Laughs]. Let’s just say we’ve got a very good re­la­tion­ship.

Fi­nally, you must have been asked to do re­al­ity TV shows. Are there any you would con­sider?

Never say never, but I don’t tend to go in for re­al­ity TV shows. I don’t like any­thing I could be voted out of! That can be cat­a­strophic. I live in a lit­tle bub­ble where I’m happy and safe. So if I went into some­thing and peo­ple didn’t like me that would burst my bub­ble. I just think, ‘ Why put your­self up for that?’

Cruis­ing With Jane McDon­ald airs Fri­days at 9pm on Chan­nel 5

‘I’m more of a party per­son now. I’m in my sec­ond youth. I don’t know whether it’s a mid-life cri­sis – I think it might be!’

Unt aut mo cor­po­rum Jane loves the aut reperro bea ease of do­ing her com­nia cruis­ing pre show… deb­i­tionem ad earum … but doesn’t think she could han­dle Strictly like Loose Woman Ruth

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