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If you thought su­per­foods were all about chia seeds, think again! Nu­tri­tion­ist Susie Bur­rell re­veals that the foods we buy every week are just as ef­fec­tive at help­ing us to stay healthy – and lose weight. Fol­low our seven-day plan and you could be half a stone lighter by the week­end!


You don’t have to visit 1

the health shop for ex­pen­sive su­per­foods to feel great and lose weight this au­tumn. Ac­cord­ing to top Aus­tralian nu­tri­tion­ist Susie Bur­rell, the foods you buy reg­u­larly for your fridge and store cup­board – in­clud­ing oats, honey, tinned tuna and baked beans – pro­vide nu­tri­ents such as omega-3 oils and fi­bre, which im­prove di­ges­tion, speed­ing up your metabolism so you burn calo­ries more ef­fi­ciently.

Raid­ing the fridge to step 2

up your in­take of semiskimmed milk and yo­ghurt will feed your body with cal­cium, which new re­search re­veals helps with fat dis­per­sal around the stom­ach. Slim­mers’ fave cot­tage cheese is low-fat, loaded with cal­cium and tots up to just 98 calo­ries a serv­ing.

Frozen and tinned fruit 3

and veg, such as cal­ci­um­rich broc­coli and berries, also have slim­ming ben­e­fits. Rasp­ber­ries and blue­ber­ries can both help lower blood fat lev­els and choles­terol, and tri­als show that when eaten reg­u­larly, they can help re­duce belly fat. Straw­ber­ries help re­duce sugar crav­ings, too. Buy them in sea­son in farm shops when they’re cheaper, then store in an air-tight con­tainer and freeze for up to three months.

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our superfood plan today and you could lose up to 7lb in just seven days!

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