How to pro­nounce Pri­mark!


It’s been our favourite bud­get fashion re­tailer for years, but it turns out that a lot of us haven’t been pro­nounc­ing its name cor­rectly. Af­ter much de­bate, the store it­self has fi­nally stepped in and con­firmed that it is ‘Pr-eye-mark’ rather than ‘Pree-mark’. They’ve even pro­duced an ex­plana­tory T-shirt, avail­able to buy from their Ox­ford Street, Manch­ester, Liverpool and Lake­side stores. But some shop­pers aren’t fussed. ‘I’ve been pro­nounc­ing Pri­mark wrong my whole life and I don’t care,’ tweeted Áine Car­son. ‘I’ll still go there, call it Preemark and con­tinue to buy 50p kecks [pants].’

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