Angie Best: ‘I’m prov­ing you can be sexy at 65!’

Angie Best re­veals why she is feel­ing sex­ier than ever – and quite happy to strip off!

Best - - CON­TENTS - Angie was speak­ing at the Play­boy Club Lon­don, cel­e­brat­ing the her­itage of the iconic Play­boy Bun­nies.

Angie Best is fa­mous for be­ing the mother of Calum, ex-wife of Ge­orge Best and yoga-lov­ing for­mer Celebrity Big

Brother house­mate. But 40 years ago, when she’d just started dat­ing the Man Utd foot­baller, Angie worked as a Play­boy Bunny in the fa­mous Lon­don club (just last week, founder Hugh Hefner died at 91). Now, the 65-year-old is back in that fa­mous out­fit, com­plete with bunny ears – and she’s look­ing bet­ter than ever…

Hi, Angie. Did you have any reser­va­tions about get­ting back into the bunny out­fit?

Are you kid­ding? In my day, it was very glam­orous and every woman wanted to be a Play­boy Bunny. At the age of 65, I was thrilled to bits when they asked me to do it again.

Does it make you feel sexy putting it on?

It was bloody tor­ture. Faye, who makes the cos­tumes, had her knee in my back and was telling me, ‘Breathe in, Ange, breathe in.’ But once it’s on, it’s such a glam­orous thing. It’s the sex­i­est you can feel without tak­ing your clothes off. Isn’t it fab­u­lous that at 65 I can show off my fe­male form? I prove that women over 60 can still look in­cred­i­ble and feel vi­brant.

Have you been di­et­ing to slim into the leo­tard again?

No. It’s in the genes. I run two gyms, I play ten­nis and I’m for­tu­nate to be slim, but I work at it. It’s my job. I didn’t have to do any­thing spe­cific, but to­day I couldn’t eat any carbs.

You have a great fig­ure. Would you pose naked?

I would for the right thing – but Calum wouldn’t let me! I could say ‘yes’ till the cows come home, but he would stop me. Even though he does raunchy shoots!

Do you think women feel like they ‘dis­ap­pear’ when they get older?

Yes, they do. But any woman can feel at­trac­tive, you just have to be­lieve in your­self. You’ve got to look af­ter your­self, too – you only get one body. I like to think me do­ing this at 65 will be in­spir­ing not just for women my age, but also women who are younger – to show them to look af­ter their bod­ies and keep them­selves healthy. The idea of be­ing frail ter­ri­fies me.

Does wear­ing this out­fit bring back mem­o­ries of Ge­orge?

Not re­ally. Ge­orge had been a bad boy and I had left him. I was mod­el­ling dur­ing the day and I got the job at night as

a Bunny to keep my mind off him. I walked into the Play­boy Club and asked for a job and they jumped all over it be­cause I was known. Then one day, I got a phone call in the office and it was Cher in Amer­ica, say­ing, ‘Ange come back, we are go­ing back on the road and I need you. Ticket for you at the air­port.’ And I was gone. Only lasted two weeks.

What did Ge­orge think of you be­ing a Bunny?

I couldn’t have cared less what he thought. I’d left him be­cause he was mis­be­hav­ing. You can’t say no to Cher – es­pe­cially when Ge­orge was mess­ing up and par­ty­ing again.

Was that hard, to deal with him like that?

I was too young to care. It’s all good. What­ever hap­pened, you just took it in your stride.

Is it hard to be trapped be­tween your mar­riage and your child, a bit like Coleen Rooney right now?

I didn’t have the sup­port that she’s got, and Ge­orge didn’t have the sup­port that Wayne’s got. For me, I had to ei­ther look af­ter my lit­tle baby or my big baby – and big baby got on my nerves too much!

There’s more aware­ness of ad­dic­tion now. Would it be dif­fer­ent if Ge­orge was deal­ing with his is­sues to­day?

Yes, but I think we need to do more work with ad­dic­tion. Our drink­ing cul­ture is an em­bar­rass­ment, re­ally. The rest of the world looks at us as Binge Bri­tain. When I lived in Cal­i­for­nia, the weather was so beau­ti­ful you just didn’t want to drink. You wake up healthy and you want to be out­side do­ing stuff. Here, when it’s wet and cold, you just want to be in­side with a glass of wine. I do un­der­stand it to a cer­tain ex­tent. I don’t re­ally drink. I like my Cham­pagne on oc­ca­sions.

At 65, is there any­thing left for you to achieve?

I want to learn how to make per­fume, and do a dres­sage com­pe­ti­tion – I have a horse and we are learn­ing! I’ve been very blessed in my life, though.

‘Any woman can feel at­trac­tive, you just have to be­lieve in your­self’

Mother and son in the Big Brother house Cher and Angie keeping fit in 1988

Play­boy Bunny Angie in 1976, and now

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