Dear Gloria

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For some rea­son, my 19-year-old daugh­ter is re­ally des­per­ate to have lip fillers. She’s con­vinced her lips are too thin and that, if she gets fillers, she will be in­stantly pret­tier. I think she is ab­so­lutely

beau­ti­ful as she is, and I’m wor­ried that let­ting her have surgery is a slip­pery slope, but I don’t know how to talk her out of it.

Karen, Belfast

Per­son­ally, I don’t think young girls should mess with their faces. I don’t get Bo­tox my­self but, these days, young peo­ple see re­al­ity TV stars get­ting cos­metic work done and they want to do the same. But your daugh­ter is an adult now, so, ul­ti­mately, it is her de­ci­sion. You might not be able to talk her out of get­ting lip fillers but, if she is in­sis­tent, help her with re­search. Make sure

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