‘I got ID’d – and she didn’t!’


Beki Hig­gin­bot­tom, 36, from Derby. ‘“Ex­cuse me,” said the bouncer, block­ing my way into the club. “How old are you?”

‘I couldn’t help but grin. Not only was I in my 30s, but he’d just let my teenage daugh­ter in with­out bat­ting an eye­lid!

‘I had Court­ney at 17 years old, and hav­ing her so young has meant we’ve grown up to­gether. We’re more like best mates than mother and daugh­ter. And due to the small age gap, we get mis­taken for sis­ters all the time.

‘The fun­ni­est thing that’s ever hap­pened was about four years ago. Court­ney was in Year 10 at school and it was par­ents’ evening. I’d taken my mum along, too, and as we were called into her teacher’s of­fice, she said, “Get your book out, Court­ney.” At first I was just confused, but then the penny dropped – she thought I was Court­ney! I was so em­bar­rassed – though not as much as she was.’ l Court­ney, 19, says, ‘Me and Mum are so close. She looks great for her age, but I have no idea how – I’m al­ways telling her to wash off her make-up at night!’


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