Diet: Lose 5lb in five days on the brain­boost­ing plan

Want to think smarter, plus lose 1lb a day? New re­search from Amer­ica claims that eat­ing a 70 per cent plant-based diet – whole grains and veg, not re­fined carbs – boosts body and brain

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1 Ex­perts are sug­gest­ing that

a plant-fo­cused diet, made up of veg­eta­bles, whole grains and just a small amount of lean pro­tein, is the best eat­ing plan for body and brain health. In tests car­ried out by re­searchers in the US on 200,000 health care work­ers, it was found that eat­ing this way long-term helped them lose weight and stay lean, while help­ing to keep their mem­o­ries and minds sharp.

2 The key is to fol­low the right

type of veg­e­tar­ian-based diet – one loaded with good plant food sources like whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruit, rather than one that re­lies on starchy white bread and pasta. Test sub­jects who stuck clos­est to the plan were least likely to suf­fer health prob­lems, stayed slim­mer and had more en­ergy.

3 Cara Anselmo, US

nu­tri­tion­ist and di­eti­tian, ad­vises that eat­ing the right bal­ance of whole grains, veg­gies and good fats main­tains your blood-sugar lev­els, so you’re less likely to binge-eat. In ad­di­tion, steer­ing away from re­fined carbs and heavy red meats helps pro­tect the brain from age-re­lated prob­lems like poor mem­ory.

4 Our veg­gie-friendly plan

con­tains around 25 per cent of lean pro­tein from oily fish and dairy sources. Fol­low it for five days and you could be slim­mer – and smarter – by Fri­day!

DAY 1 Start smart break­fast

1 slice whole­meal or rye bread, toasted with

1 small ripe av­o­cado, mashed, and grilled tomato slices. Lean and mean lunch Grilled hal­loumi stacks: Brush 4 slices hal­loumi, 1 each yel­low pep­per and cour­gettes, cut into chunks, and driz­zle with basil­in­fused olive oil, then grill for 5-7 mins. Load veg­gies on the hal­loumi base and driz­zle with lemon juice.

Think fast sup­per 1 sweet potato, baked, with 2tbsp crème fraîche, mixed with 1tbsp sweet­corn. Green salad with chia seeds.

DAY 2 Start smart break­fast

Pineap­ple and cu­cum­ber smoothie: Blend to­gether ½ fresh chopped pineap­ple, ¼ cu­cum­ber, hand­ful spinach leaves, 2 stalks cel­ery, dash of lime juice, hand­ful of ice. Lean and mean lunch Beet­root and

feta salad: Add 2 small chopped beet­root to a bag of salad leaves with 30g crum­bled feta cheese and hand­ful chopped wal­nuts. Driz­zle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Think fast sup­per Bun­less veg­gie burger, hand­ful sweet potato wedges, red onion and tomato slices, 2tbsp fresh salsa. 1 banana.

DAY 3 Start smart break­fast

Small bowl gra­nola, hand­ful blue­ber­ries, 3tbsp Greek yo­ghurt. Lean and mean lunch 1 large car­ton veg­etable soup. Green salad. 1 whole­meal roll. Think fast sup­per Leeks in red pesto with

tofu: Trim and wash 2 leeks, slice in half and steam/lightly boil for 10-15 mins un­til soft. Mix 2tbsp red pesto with 30g tofu, 100ml hot veg­etable stock and lemon juice. Pour over drained leeks, scat­ter on 2tsp Parme­san and grill un­til cheese melts.

DAY 4 Start smart break­fast

2 scram­bled eggs with spinach, grilled toma­toes and mush­rooms. Lean and mean lunch Whole­meal pitta with rocket leaves, small can tuna, drained, red onion slices, lemon juice. Think fast sup­per Feta, tomato and bean

stir-fry: Heat wok, add hand­ful pine nuts, toast and re­move. Add 3tbsp cooked green beans, 6 chopped toma­toes, 1 small can red kid­ney beans, drained, hand­ful each basil and chopped olives. Sim­mer for 5 mins. Add 50g feta cheese and pine nuts, stir and serve.

DAY 5 Start smart break­fast

1 small slice can whole­meal­baked beans. toast, 1 glass un­sweet­ened orange juice. Lean and mean lunch Herby frit­tata made with 2 eggs, hand­ful each cooked broc­coli flo­rets and mush­rooms. Water­cress. Think fast sup­per Toss 1 bag mixed salad leaves, Avo­cado1 choppedand cous­cous av­o­cado, salad: green pep­per and cu­cum­ber slices, 1 small tub cous­cous with roasted veg, hand­ful chopped wal­nuts. Driz­zle with olive oil.

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