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Stock­port-born ac­tress Michelle Kee­gan, 30, shot to fame play­ing Tina McIn­tyre in Cor­rie from 2008 to 2014. She has been mar­ried to TOWIE- star­turned-US-TV-pre­sen­ter Mark Wright since 2015.

Hi, Michelle! So we left Ge­orgie in So­ma­lia at the end of sea­son two. What’s hap­pened since?

This sea­son, we pick up with Ge­orgie at home with her friends and fam­ily, when she gets a call from Cap­tain James ask­ing her to come out to Nepal for a NGO re­lief mis­sion. She’s still in­de­pen­dent – not with Elvis – putting her ca­reer first and lov­ing the Army.

How is she feel­ing about Elvis?

We join them in Syria where they left things on an even keel. They’re work col­leagues, but there’s still love there. Ge­orgie be­lieves they can’t be to­gether, but Elvis tries his luck a cou­ple of times. Elvis is a ladies’ man, and she finds out things she doesn’t like. She tries to be pro­fes­sional but, deep down, she’s gen­uinely hurt.

What about Jamie?

Un­for­tu­nately, there’s no news. He’s prob­a­bly set­tled down, got mar­ried and is still a doc­tor.

Have you had to go to boot­camp for this se­ries?

Yes, in Sand­hurst and South Africa. It’s get­ting into the mind­set of the Army, run­ning drills, hold­ing a weapon, dis­ci­pline, and med­i­cal skills. I know how to use a tourni­quet, a ban­dage, how to stitch and do CPR!

What was your best scene?

A big bust-up with Ge­orgie and Elvis: we have a row where there’s a lot of frus­tra­tion and a lot of

jeal­ousy, but the love is still there. It was great to film.

What’s the new mem­ber of 2-Sec­tion, Maisie, like?

Very strong-willed! It’s chal­leng­ing for Ge­orgie, who has to look af­ter her and keep her in check. Maisie’s a rebel.

What were the tough­est chal­lenges this se­ries?

It’s been more phys­i­cally de­mand­ing, def­i­nitely. There are lots more stunts, and a lot more run­ning, which I’m rub­bish at – it’s a night­mare!

Did you bring any com­fort items from the UK?

I wanted to feel at home, so that’s why I brought York­shire Tea bags in my suit­case!

Our Girl starts tonight (Tue 10 Oct), BBC One, 9pm

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