Sleep & slim: Lose 8lb fast on the 40 winks plan!

Poor sleep is linked to weight gain but, with our diet, you could lose up to 8lb AND gain at least an ex­tra half an hour’s sleep a night in just one month…

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Any­one who’s wo­ken up 1

at 2am with in­di­ges­tion knows that what you eat can af­fect your sleep, but some foods can ac­tu­ally pro­mote slum­ber.

For ex­am­ple, let­tuce was 2

used as a sleep aid in the past. And, if you eat a meal con­tain­ing high- GI foods, such as sweet­corn or white rice, in the even­ing, you’ll drop off faster.

The higher the lev­els of 3

omega 3 fats (find these in oily fish, nuts and olives) in their diet, the bet­ter peo­ple sleep, while oats, dairy prod­ucts and dark green leafy veg­eta­bles are high in mag­ne­sium, which also pro­motes sleep. Sim­ply eat­ing two kiwi fruit an hour be­fore bed helped peo­ple to nod off and stay asleep in one four-week trial. Our plan com­bines all these sleep-in­duc­ers.

Also, con­sider drink­ing 4

a glass of tart cherry juice, such as Cher­ryAc­tive Con­cen­trate, £31.49 for 946ml, morn­ing and night – it’s made from Mont­morency cher­ries, which nat­u­rally con­tain the sleep hor­mone mela­tonin. In one trial, Mont­morency cherry juice helped peo­ple with in­som­nia sleep a whop­ping 84 min­utes more each night.

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