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Fit­ness guru to Hol­ly­wood’s and fa­mous Angie’s a trained nu­tri­tion­ist and gym owner. She also looks sen­sa­tional for 66!



… and we all need power over the dreaded ‘c’ word. Es­pe­cially in Oc­to­ber, our an­nual Breast Can­cer Aware­ness month.

We don’t have con­trol over some of the known risk fac­tors for can­cer, but the like­li­hood of fall­ing prey to the dis­ease in­creases the older you get, ris­ing sharply after the age of 65.

It’s caused by dam­age to our DNA, but med­i­cal ex­perts es­ti­mate that up to four in 10 cases of can­cer could be pre­vented. The foods we eat, even the oils we cook with, plus, of course, smok­ing, are all known to have an im­pact on our health. Whether we are obese or av­er­age weight also plays its part in ward­ing off some types of can­cer.

It may help to know this fact. Over 7,000 sci­en­tific stud­ies have proven that nu­tri­tion plays a big part in help­ing to fight or pre­vent some types of can­cer, as does ex­er­cise. The foods you eat have a mes­sage for your cells.

Our Western diet can play a dan­ger­ous game with our health. So, try re­plac­ing cof­fee with green tea, which is high in an­tiox­i­dants – the en­zymes that fight free rad­i­cals – and fol­low a nutri­ent-rich diet.

A book called Out­side The Box Can­cer Ther­a­pies: Al­ter­na­tive Ther­a­pies That Treat And Pre­vent Can­cer says the Mediter­ranean way of eat­ing is ben­e­fi­cial for de­creas­ing our can­cer risk. En­joy veg­eta­bles, fruit, nuts, seeds, po­ta­toes, whole grains, breads, herbs, fish, spices, seafood and olive oil. Eat poul­try, eggs, cheese and yo­ghurt in mod­er­a­tion. If you have any ques­tions for me, drop me a tweet @ best­mag of­fi­cial.

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