Clau­dia’s shock con­fes­sion: ‘It has to end’

The hi­lar­i­ous Clau­dia Win­kle­man talks Strictly Come Danc­ing, her un­usual sig­na­ture look and those body hang-ups

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Mum-of-three Clau­dia Win­kle­man, 46, is fa­mil­iar to us as the funny half of the

Strictly pre­sent­ing duo, along­side Tess Daly. Yet she is no­to­ri­ously pri­vate when it comes to her per­sonal life. Daugh­ter of jour­nal­ist Eve Pol­lard, she was never one to ‘spill the beans’ on what she got up to be­hind closed doors. How­ever, the down-to-earth TV pre­sen­ter has re­vealed some se­crets that will sur­prise even her big­gest fans… How would you de­scribe your sig­na­ture ‘look’? I found my look, and I can’t move off it. I’m es­sen­tially the lazi­est per­son you’d ever meet in your life. I also think it’s a kind of a safety blan­ket. If I have all black go­ing on, then I feel like my­self. I hate gloss. I can’t bear long nails. I can’t open a can or help any­body. I’ve a heavy fringe, or­ange face, black eyes, white mouth. Tick. Un­til the end, I want loads of black eye­liner. Su­per-badly ap­plied. I know what I look like with­out a tan. I am white. As a stu­dent, I rented a sunbed for a whole term in a tiny halls of res­i­dence, al­though I never go on one now. I use LA Tan­ning. Now, my body no longer recog­nises the ac­tual sun. My tan’s as or­ange as I want or­ange. I do it ev­ery­where. I’m like, ‘I hope you got it be­hind the ears.’

How did you de­vise the fringe and or­ange tan? One in­flu­ence was the Rio video by Du­ran Du­ran. The other was Wendy James from Transvi­sion Vamp. She was all eye make-up and messed-up hair. I used to read Mys­tic Meg, and I think she in­flu­enced me, too. I’m not well-groomed. I’m of­ten [in BBC Ra­dio 2] with py­ja­mas, mis­matched shoes and lasagne on my neck. I have the body of ET. I’m all torso and feet, and not very tall.

Is there any­thing we don’t know about you?

I’m not in­hib­ited. We were al­ways naked grow­ing up. I mar­ried a Dan­ish man. He has never got his clothes on. Ev­ery­one is naked. It’s like, ‘Let’s all have lunch. Take our clothes off first… I’ve made a fish pie.’ The 15-year-old is ap­palled, but the whole point about mums is that they’re meant to be em­bar­rass­ing.

Do you still like to party?

I go to bed so early. In my head, in my fan­tasy, I’m wild. I drink tequila shots. I have knee-high boots. I’m walk­ing to a house party at mid­night. In re­al­ity, I’ve been out twice this year. When we are into a box-set, we’ve been known to change the clocks in the house for the chil­dren (so they go to bed early, too).

Why do peo­ple have such an in­ter­est in your hair?

When I stared do­ing telly, I thought I’d get let­ters from fish­er­men called Stu­art who wear chunky sweaters, say­ing things like, ‘I’d like to make you a stew.’ But 98 per cent of the let­ters are about my hair like, ‘How is it so shiny?’I don’t know what to say about that. I’ve al­ways used Head & Shoul­ders.

Do you have a beauty regime you fol­low?

I’ve never taken my make-up off be­fore I go to bed. I’m not ly­ing. I just keep lay­er­ing it on. This make-up is from the 70s. There’s no way I’m wast­ing my time tak­ing it off. It’s like an em­balm­ing fluid. I never go for a fa­cial; how dis­gust­ing! Women have their hands over you. I don’t want to be stroked, and I never want peo­ple hum­ming around me. I feel ridicu­lously lucky to have my job. I feel like I don’t quite de­serve it. I’ve been do­ing it for 900 years. I started when I was 23 and now I’m 46. It’s a long time. Wher­ever I am, whether it’s on BBC Ra­dio 2 or Strictly, I feel lucky. It has got to end. If I had to do some­thing else, I’d be a pri­mary school teacher. Four-year-olds are ridicu­lously edi­ble. And I’m quite child-like – I love play­ing with them.

Strictly Come Danc­ing

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‘If I had to do some­thing else, I’d be a pri­mary school teacher. Four-yearolds are ridicu­lously edi­ble’

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