We live in a world that wants ev­ery­thing fast. Fast cars, fast in­ter­net, fast foods. This has be­come the norm, but you can’t ex­pect such quick re­sults when it comes to your health.

Google any­thing re­gard­ing ex­er­cise and weight loss and you’ll find thou­sands of ar­ti­cles on the new­est, quick­est and eas­i­est ways to gain the ‘ beach body’ you’ve al­ways wanted.

Be­ing in the health in­dus­try for many years, the num­ber one ques­tion I’m asked is, ‘ What’s the eas­i­est way I can lose weight with­out hav­ing to ex­er­cise?’

I’m sorry to tell you there’s no quick fix. Yes, health gu­rus will swear they have found the miracle cure to a flat stom­ach, but I know bet­ter.

When I was work­ing with Cher, and she had a movie com­ing up, we would al­low months of work­ing out to be ready. That was when we were young!

BUT the body you want is achiev­able, you just have to be de­ter­mined, put in the ef­fort and be con­sis­tent.

Get a girl­friend to start with you. Make a list of your bad habits that have to change and the good habits you’re re­plac­ing them with, such as wine only on Fri­days and Satur­days, hav­ing fruit and por­ridge for break­fast and re­plac­ing bread and pasta with quinoa and veg­gies.

Learn how to make smooth­ies with su­per­food in­gre­di­ents to up your en­ergy and weight loss. Plan your ex­er­cise to­gether, such as a walk around the block in your lunch hour, and re­place your cof­fee with a green tea.

Start NOW and in time you WILL see re­sults…

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