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Well it had to hap­pen didn’t it? For 20-odd years my mate and I have made the an­nual trip around our glo­ri­ous north­ern coast of Scot­land con­sis­tently en­joy­ing the in­cred­i­ble roads, scenery and wilder­ness. We have rid­den sports­bikes, big tour­ers, trailies, su­per­mo­tos, nakeds and even scoot­ers. Now, thanks to some tourist com­mit­tee, the cat is not only out of the bag but set to slash its claws into the best bik­ing route in this part of the hemi­sphere. I am, of course, re­fer­ring to the much vaunted ‘North Coast 500’ tour­ing route. For years, we have sur­rep­ti­tiously in­formed our English, Welsh and Ir­ish mo­tor­cy­cling cousins of this amaz­ing trip and its clear, well-sur­faced roads and as­tound­ing scenery. A case of ‘don’t tell the world about it’. So now, on be­half of the Scot­tish I apol­o­gise for the self­in­flicted ru­ina­tion of this route caused by the ever grow­ing stream of camper vans, car­a­vans and dod­der­ers who are now clog­ging up our won­der­ful, north­ern, once de­serted roads. The irony is that the pro­mo­tion of this ex­cur­sion around our north­ern re­gion is sup­posed to revitalise the area and bring lots of tourist rev­enue. Re­ally? Here’s some news, there aren’t many places to spend your cash up there apart from a few over­priced fuel stops. And, in­evitably our chums in the Scot­tish Po­lice Ser­vice will not be very long in mak­ing their pres­ence felt thereby com­plet­ing the fi­nal san­i­ti­za­tion of the best bik­ing spot avail­able to us in the UK. Apolo­gies once again. Derek Stewart, Glasgow

Don’t beat your­self up Del. Not all your fault is it? – MG

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