Large ice cream help


Tried quite a few lids sat in mo­tor­cy­cle cloth­ing shops look­ing like a large ice cream. Com­pared the Schu­berth C3 and the Shoei Neotec. Chose the C3 af­ter 30 min­utes. On longer rides a headache makes it­self felt af­ter two hours, and then there are deep crush­marks on my fore­head. I have now de­vel­oped a con­di­tion called mo­tor­rad­helm­pho­bie. I al­ready have an XL and an XXL in them. There must be a few (or many?) bik­ers with a nar­row/oval shaped head? My head is 62.5cm at the one inch above eye­brow line. Ad­vice from you or from your nu­mer­ous readers, would be very, very wel­come. Stephen Hearn, Suf­folk,

You’ve put it upon your­self Stephen. Get the lid that fits best, not the one you like the most. Wear it all day in the shop or ask them if you can take it away and wear it (they might want a de­posit). It’s the only way – MG

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