A hat too nice to save for Sun­days, an­tivibe bar ends, gloves, long johns and the Clean Bob. You need a Clean Bob...

They say ‘The RPHA11 is the pin­na­cle of HJC’S range and is now avail­able with a 100% car­bon shell. It comes with a clear and a dark vi­sor, plus a Pin­lock Maxvi­sion insert in the box – that’s £70 worth of ex­tras.’ We say ‘The RPHA10 has been my favourite lid for a long time, and the 11 is even bet­ter. The lin­ing is softer and the feel when you slide in your nog­gin is ‘plush’. Vi­sor fit­ting is re­ally easy and open­ing it via the cen­tral catch is sim­ple, even with thick gloves on. You can now lock it too, so if you do hit the floor the vi­sor should stay closed (hope­fully it’s more win­ter­proof than the 10’s too – we found they scratched eas­ily). Be­ing race-ori­en­tated means it’s not the qui­etest, how­ever it’s light (mine is the non-car­bon ver­sion and you’d never de­scribe it as heavy) and the vents are easy to op­er­ate – on a hot sum­mer ride or track day you re­ally feel them keep­ing you cooler than be­fore.’ Paul Lang

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