It’s 2017’s big­gest shake-up


Kawasaki’s bub­bly, flex­i­ble ER 6 has been a mid­dleweight main­stay for a decade. And it’s killed off. But fear not, as its DNA goes in two new mod­els – the Ninja 650 and Z650. Re­plac­ing the faired ER 6f, the Ninja 650 is what the ER has al­ways been known as in Amer­ica. The par­al­lel-twin 68bhp en­gine has al­most 7% bet­ter fuel ef­fi­ciency, and hangs from a new steel trel­lis with a gull swingarm. Styling echoes the ZX 10R and the tacho nee­dle glows red when it’s time to change up. Oh yes. The Ninja was shown at In­ter­mot but the naked Z650 ver­sion won’t be seen in the metal un­til EICMA at the start of Novem­ber. It’s not the only new Zed as Kwak will be show­ing a Z900 along­side it, with 126bhp from a 948cc in­line four and new steel tube frame. It’ll even­tu­ally re­place the Z800, but the Z1000 meets Euro 4 regs. Changes for the UK’S favourite Kwak, too. Now with Ninja styling, the Z1000SX has im­proved weather pro­tec­tion, ‘clean mount’ pan­nier sys­tem, bet­ter seat and a new dash. The 1043cc four is smoother, and Cor­ner­ing Man­age­ment sup­plies trac­tion, wheelie and slide con­trol, plus ABS. Full test next is­sue. The ZX 10RR ho­molo­ga­tion spe­cial (500 for Europe) has lighter wheels, brick-wall brakes, stronger cases and tuned head, and up-and-down quick­shifter. The H2 gets an Öh­lins shock, bank an­gle dis­play and even more elec­tron­ics. A new H2 Car­bon boasts car­bon up­per fair­ing. Just 120 be­ing made.

Z1000SX (be­low), ZX 10RR and H2 Car­bon. You spoil us

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