What’s hap­pen­ing at Tech3?


Since Bradley Smith and Pol Es­par­garo left Tech3 re­place­ments Jo­hann Zarco and Jonas Fol­ger have shown just how good those Tech3 Yama­has are – they’re prob­a­bly only three or four months be­hind the fac­tory bikes in terms of de­vel­op­ment. And they’re such a well rounded pack­age – they’re 90% there on the en­gine, gear­box, brak­ing, every­thing, which means if you’re a good rider, you can get on the pace very quickly be­cause you don’t have to work round any­thing. Also, Zarco and Fol­ger have come in with no pres­sure – no-one ex­pected much of them in the first year. Zarco has im­pressed not just with his speed but in the way he’s not afraid of any­one and how hard he works. But as a dou­ble world cham­pion we knew he had the po­ten­tial. Fol­ger, on the other hand, has a real sur­prise. He’s got nat­u­ral tal­ent, but he’s never been con­sis­tent and there was noth­ing to in­di­cate he might get on with a Mo­togp bike. It’s been an amaz­ing per­for­mance.

Fol­ger: Marc who?

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