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ILEAVE WORK ON TIME to ride home, it’s a per­fect day and all is right with the world. Dual car­riage­way with limited traf­fic, sun shin­ing, Thames Es­tu­ary glis­ten­ing blue to my right. Head­ing west on my VFR VTEC at about 80mph, pass­ing the odd car. As I ease past a navy blue Ford I no­tice the driver tex­ting away. Not hav­ing that, peo­ple like you get peo­ple like me hurt… I sound the horn, he jumps but car­ries on tex­ting. I keep the horn on as we drive par­al­lel. Af­ter a while he stops tex­ting and looks over at me with a mock­ing grin. The guy seems re­spectable, in his 50s I would say, but what does a dan­ger­ous driver look like these days? He now puts the phone away and again looks at me scorn­fully, sur­mis­ing there is noth­ing I can do to chal­lenge him. We go into a tun­nel side-by-side and as we exit into the day­light his lane is blocked by po­lice ve­hi­cles with flash­ing lights and cones set up to pro­tect a bro­ken down dou­ble-decker bus. I slow my bike down, hold­ing the out­side lane and by the stricken bus we come to a halt. I am not let­ting him pass and the po­lice car has blocked him. I put the stand down, walk over to two mem­bers of the law com­mu­nity en­force­men­tand ex­plain, ‘this id­iot has been tex­ting at 70mph.’ Po­lice­man: ‘Thank you sir, we will deal with this.’ 6000rpm, 7000rpm, VTEC jolt, empty road. Stay safe every­one. Justin Bet­tany, email

’Ello, ’ello, ’ello your num­ber’s up

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