Last Monday a bike shop saved my life…


Last Monday I was rid­ing to work in St An­drews, Scot­land when I got a punc­ture. I stopped in a layby but as soon as I took off my hel­met I came over all dizzy and could not see straight. A pass­ing cou­ple saw me sit­ting there next to my bike and stopped to ask if I was ok. I wasn’t so they phoned Cu­par Mo­tor­cy­cles for me and Cu­par sent a van. When we got to the shop I could not walk straight and one side of my face had drooped, so Su­san from the ser­vice desk whisked me off to A&E in her car, from whence a fast am­bu­lance took me to Ninewells Hos­pi­tal in Dundee and the stroke unit. Not long af­ter I was in a CT scan­ner and was then given a shot of ‘clot buster’ which dis­solved the blood clot in my brain! Mod­ern medicine is an amaz­ing thing when you come to need it. Thank the lord for that punc­ture and it’s nice to have had my faith in peo­ple’s ba­sic good­ness con­firmed. I’m back home and should be rid­ing my VFR in four weeks. Nick Han­ley, email

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