Up­side down, boy you turn me…


Bike mag­a­zine, June 2017, page 16. Swal­low­tail han­dle­bars my eye. What you are look­ing at is the age old trick of turn­ing the han­dle­bars up­side down. The hill­climbers used to do it when I was a kid. Back in those days peo­ple only had one bike, the stan­dard bike they went to work on. Come time for a hill­climb event they would just turn the han­dle­bars up­side down to sim­u­late a set of Ace bars. Af­ter the event they would then turn the bars back the right way up and go back to their nor­mal com­mute. Sim­ple and easy to do, and it saved a lot of money all those years ago. Fran­cis Cooper,


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