Soul’d mate


Over re­cent years there’s been a real growth in the avail­abil­ity and de­sir­abil­ity of retro-scram­bler-type bikes, some­thing which I’ve be­come a big fan of. In an at­tempt to turn into Steve Mc­queen (or a poor equiv­a­lent) I bought a ’65 plate Yamaha SR400 and gave it a scram­bler makeover. The only prob­lem is it was too nice to take near a dirty road, so I sold it. My ques­tion is, is there a bike out there that can han­dle some gen­tle off-road­ing and play to my Mc­queen delu­sions, all for no more than £4000? Richard Wild, email What would Steve do? Buy back the SR400. It’s only metal and rub­ber, what­ever breaks you can fix. And what­ever gets dirty you can clean. HW

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