You ex­pect flashy bolt-ons for a bike like this, but Husky’s of­fi­cial range goes from per­for­mance to prac­ti­cal­ity. Here’s stuff we quite like. ti­ta­nium AKRAPOVIC­can. Road CAN le­gal, Slip-on but adds much-needed depth to the noise. £752. Also avail­able in a kit with new air­box. EX­HAUST GUARD Still miss­ing the 1990s? Bolt on a bit of car­bon. £132 is a lot for some­thing of lit­tle ben­e­fit, but Langy would def­i­nitely fit one. TAIL PACK Wa­ter­proof, rugged, five litres (phone, wa­ter­proofs, wal­let) and just straps on. £60, but looks cool. Proper lug­gage avail­able too. BIT O’BLING An­odised alu­minium cap for the rear brake reser­voir. Purely aes­thetic, but at 20 quid it’s an added tasty de­tail for pretty min­i­mal out­lay.

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