The ‘to do’ list

With more bikes than ever in the shed there’s a never-end­ing sched­ule of main­te­nance, fid­dling and po­ten­tial ex­pen­di­ture…

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MRS AR­MITAGE AL­LOWED me to buy a whack­ing new shed, so I’ve in­creased my hoard of two-wheel­ers to en­sure the space is prop­erly filled. There are now five ma­chines jostling for space, with an ever-ex­pand­ing ‘to do’ list. Gloss­ing over the Mobylette V50 that’s stuck at the back and can’t be reached, here’s the on­go­ing fet­tling…

Honda C50

Rhonda the Honda hasn’t run since ’83. New con­sum­ables, clean the carb and tank, re­place the split ex­haust (£36 for a new sys­tem), and the C50 fires on the third kick. Joy­ous laps of the gar­den en­sue.

Yamaha TDR250

My most re­cent ac­qui­si­tion needs noth­ing. Well, apart from rear winkers. The rub­bers have per­ished and split, caus­ing ter­ri­ble droop­ing. Dis­creet in­su­la­tion tape is a cun­ning bodge… sorry, fix.

GSX R1000R

Our Suzuki GSX‘R1000R’S 182bhp wasted the back tyre in 1750 miles, so semi-slick OE Bridge­stones are swapped for Con­tisportat­tack3. Still track­day bril­liant, but bet­ter on a wet sum­mer road.

MZ TS250

Fork seals needed for an MOT on my MZ TS250, but crusty legs would eat them. New legs are £60 each, but a set of re­built forks is only £100 via the MZ Rid­ers Group on Face­book. It’s amaz­ing what you can find when you start se­ri­ously look­ing.

‘Good grief, not more of this non­sense’

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