What the !*%?


On the front page of your mag­a­zine in big black let­ters is the word Bike, which con­jures up in my mind a be­lief that your mag­a­zine, the mag­a­zine to which I sub­scribe, is about bikes. Also, your email ad­dress, Face­book page and twit­ter all use the same Bike mag­a­zine metaphor to lure the masses brought up on two wheels to read about mo­tor­bikes. So, why the f**k am I pro­vided eight pages of drivel about a f**king three wheeled ve­hi­cle in your August edi­tion? I have no in­ter­est what­so­ever in gy­ro­scopic forces or Ack­er­man ge­om­e­try that John West­lake has mul­ti­ple or­gasms over. The Nikon is a trike, a three wheeled mon­stros­ity that 90% of your read­ers would gladly see scrapped to­mor­row. It is not about bikes, it has no re­sem­blance to a mo­tor­bike, in fact if it’s that pop­u­lar why not edit a new mag­a­zine, you could call it On Three Wheels? Now f**k off with this sh*t or I for one will stop my sub­scrip­tion forth­with. I don’t buy a bike mag­a­zine to read sh*t about a f**king three wheeler work of art. Thank you. Gary Phillips, email

Thanks for the feed­back Gary. Three Niken-sized tyres wing­ing their way to you for win­ning this month’s Star Let­ter. Not sure what you’ll do with 15-inch fronts. HW

Niken: fair to say it’s po­lar­is­ing opin­ion

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