A ques­tion of dress


Hav­ing read Bike mag­a­zine for many years I as­sumed there was an un­writ­ten law about rid­ing kit: to ride an ad­ven­ture bike you have to wear desert style tex­tiles, peaked hel­met and strapped boots while a sports bike re­quires rac­ing leathers with a hump, re­in­forced gloves and full face hel­met. And so on. Yes­ter­day, in a sud­den at­tack of mid life cri­sis, I rode my ad­ven­ture bike in leathers. Noth­ing bad hap­pened. En­cour­aged, I then rode a sports­bike in camo tex­tiles and, again, it was fine. Lib­er­at­ing al­most. My ques­tion is this: can I ride my clas­sic bike with­out my open face hel­met, gog­gles and fly­ing jacket, or is this tak­ing things too far? What might hap­pen? Roger Martin, email

Full leathers/ ad­ven­ture bike in­ter­face. And noth­ing bad hap­pened

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