Tri­umph Street Triple


THE DIF­FER­ENCES BE­TWEEN the Street Triple R and RS are sig­nif­i­cant. Re­pro­grammed en­gine man­age­ment for greater power, but higher up the rev range. Up­rated (which is to say firmer) sus­pen­sion and brakes, and Pirelli Su­per­corsa tyres, in­stead of the Rosso Cor­sas on the R. And this one is fit­ted with the quick­shifter (stan­dard on the RS). They should all make the RS a bet­ter track bike. And they do. ‘I’d for­got­ten how good that is,’ en­thuses Gary 15 min­utes later hav­ing taken a sec­ond off his best lap time for the R. More im­pres­sively he’s 5mph faster and us­ing 5° more lean mid­way through Ger­ards. He might have found the RS firm on Span­ish roads at the launch, but on a Le­ices­ter­shire track it’s ideal. ‘The shock’s firmer so the bike is stay­ing level. It’s like a race bike the way it stays flat when you ac­cel­er­ate or brake, so it holds its line bet­ter. I can pitch it side­ways into the hair­pin and at Ger­ards it’ll hold the line all the way round and you can get on the gas ear­lier. ‘The tyres are bet­ter on track too. It’s a higher-grade tyre with a slightly taller pro­file, which helps it turn. You can feel the ben­e­fit. They’re more like the race tyres that I’m used to. ‘The brakes feel re­ally strong – which I think is down to the bet­ter mas­ter cylin­der. I can get on the front brake so much harder, but it’s con­trolled. I could barely brake bet­ter on a race bike.’ That is ev­i­denced by the fact that he’s now pulling an ex­tra. 3g brak­ing into Mal­lory’s sav­age hair­pin. ‘And the quick­shifter makes a real dif­fer­ence too.’ On the flip-flop through Ed­wina’s he’s nearly seven tenths of a sec­ond quicker than on the R. ‘That’s the tyres.’

‘It’s like a race bike the way it stays flat when you ac­cel­er­ate or brake’ ‘I could barely brake bet­ter on a race bike’

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