Guy Martin on the way to the podium,

30 June – 1 July Spa Fran­cor­champs Bik­ers Clas­sic. Team Bike’s Honda RC30, and Peter Boast’s Team Lin­colnshire Suzuki GSX­R750 do bat­tle…

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WE BUILT two en­gines brand new – new cams, new ev­ery­thing. The 1991 GSX-R750 mo­tors were just the job for clas­sic en­durance rac­ing’s new Evo class. The prob­lem came with the frames. Af­ter shot blast­ing them, the lads cleaned the frames but once they started revving the en­gines on the dyno some dust must have shaken out of a cross­mem­ber and di­rectly onto the fil­ters. And when abra­sive dust meets high revving en­gine com­po­nents… Both en­gines were toast. That was a com­plete and en­gine But ut­ter we from – dis­as­ter. Team Si­mon Lin­colnshire Bas­tow (who – man­aged used to race to bor­row GSX-RS an in BSB) and it was game on. We qual­i­fied 11th and Guy was three sec­onds faster than me which I should ex­pect. Last year in the wet we were about equal but he was push­ing in the dry. As we pre­dicted, we were a bit down on power. In the first part of the race [it was split into two two-hour stints] I had a good dice with the lead­ers – Neate Rac­ing – but ev­ery time John Neate went up the hill out of Eau Rouge he I’d man­age to out­brake him later, then he’d dis­ap­pear on an­other straight. It was a bit frus­trat­ing but great fun. In the sec­ond half it was hot­ter and peo­ple started hav­ing trou­ble (Team Bike, for ex­am­ple, see p127) and so did we. I went round Eau Rouge and it was side­ways and I thought that can’t just be the heat so I knocked it back a bit and came in. The lads were look­ing around then some­one hit the tyre with a ham­mer and it hardly bounced back – it was a punc­ture. It had 12psi in. I was re­lieved though – I wouldn’t have been pop­u­lar if I’d come in and there was noth­ing wrong. Then Guy went back out. I’d been miss­ing the odd gear but hadn’t re­ally thought about it. Guy came straight back in be­cause he re­alised the footrest was loose. But noth­ing else went wrong and we ended up on the podium, which was mega. Ev­ery­one knew their jobs and the atmosphere in the team was great. A good fun race.

WE DID A test day at Spa on the Thurs­day be­fore the race. We had both our Honda RC30S on track, the race bike and the T bike. It was per­fect. 30° centi­grade, new Dun­lop D213 tyres, a cou­ple of clicks ad­just­ment on the up­dated Max­ton sus­pen­sion and both bikes run­ning beau­ti­fully. And I got to ride in com­pany with my co-rider Stephane Mertens. Well, for a cou­ple of cor­ners any­way. Nor­mally we’re shar­ing the same bike so I don’t get to ride with him but it’s a plea­sure to try and fol­low him. Af­ter qual­i­fy­ing on Fri­day we were 7th on the grid for the first race on Satur­day. At Spa the race is split into two hour legs, one on Satur­day evening, one on Sun­day. Each rider can’t do more than 45 min­utes a ses­sion, so it’s two ses­sions for one rider and one ses­sion for the other. Be­cause Stephane was 11 sec­onds a lap quicker than me over a three minute lap he’d do two ses­sions per leg, and me only one. Stephane didn’t get a great start but was up to 2nd over­all, be­hind the Team Neate Har­ris CB1100, and first in class by the end of his first ses­sion. Then it was my turn. Ev­ery­thing seemed good. A beau­ti­ful warm evening, dry tar­mac and no prob­lems. It’s nor­mally rain­ing at Spa, so it was a bit un­real. Then we made a mess up with the time keep­ing which meant that Stephane’s fi­nal ses­sion lasted longer than 45 min­utes. We were given a one minute penalty which pushed us down to 4th over­all and sec­ond in class. All we did be­tween legs was wipe the flies off the bike (there were quite a lot) and change the tyres and pads. When Stephane started the sec­ond leg on Sun­day he upped his pace by two sec­onds a lap, so within 35 min­utes we’d got the class lead back again and ev­ery­one was happy. It didn’t last. A few laps later Stephane felt the bike lose power and he coasted to a stop on the straight af­ter Eau Rouge. When he restarted the bike it was mak­ing bad noises so he turned it off again, and that was that. Shame, it was go­ing well. When we got home we stripped the bike. A pis­ton had bro­ken. It’s the only non-honda bit in the en­gine, but we’ll have it fixed for the Clas­sic Bol d’or on 14-15 Septem­ber.

‘When he re-started it was mak­ing bad noises so he turned it off again, and that was that’

Been rid­ing for: 45 years Owns: 31 bikes in­clud­ing Mon­tesa 4RT, three speed­ways bikes…

Her­wig Lem­mens holds the brolly for Stephane on Sun­day De­spite bro­ken pis­ton Team Bike will re­turn in Septem­ber Been rid­ing for: since for­ever Owns: ‘Jeez I don’t know. Maybe 25 bikes in­clud­ing Honda SP1, CB1100R and more.’

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