Add com­fort to any ride

Do you find long rides can be a pain in the back­side? Then our guide to ad­just­ing your con­tact points on the bike may just be able to help!


An ex­pert guide to ban­ish­ing aches and pains in the sad­dle.

In the gen­eral pub­lic’s eyes, there ap­pears to be a com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that cy­cling is an un­com­fort­able ac­tiv­ity. We’re ob­vi­ously not go­ing to agree be­cause, as with any sport, you get out what you put in. That said, we’re not so blink­ered that we don’t ac­knowl­edge that oc­ca­sion­ally things can get a lit­tle un­pleas­ant out there. But we’re also ex­pe­ri­enced enough to know that that’s some­thing which can be fixed through the use of cy­cling tech­nol­ogy and a biome­chan­i­cal know-how. To that end we’ve spo­ken to count­less ex­perts and long-term cyclists, and dis­tilled their wis­dom down into this easy-to-get guide aimed at mak­ing your sad­dle time more en­joy­able. Are you sit­ting com­fort­ably? OK, then let’s be­gin...

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