Per­for­mance – Post-ride leg stretches

The mo­ment your ride ends is the point when your re­cov­ery should start, so get your lower limbs off to a flyer with this five-minute warm down…

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As im­por­tant a part of your post-ride rou­tine as clean­ing your bike.

There’s no easy to say this: if you spend long hours pound­ing your ped­als cer­tain bits of your body are go­ing to end up hurt­ing. This is es­pe­cially true for your legs which, af­ter all, will have done most of the graft if you’ve just chewed up a sig­nif­i­cant lump of tar­mac. And the re­ally bad news? The older you are, the more you’ll feel the pain. But take your re­cov­ery as se­ri­ously as your rid­ing and you’ll al­le­vi­ate aches a lot faster. Post-ride stretches will help, even a five-minute rou­tine like this one. Try it next time you put in a big ef­fort, we prom­ise your pins will be grate­ful! For added ben­e­fits be sure to wear socks that of­fer some com­pres­sion…

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