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Show­ers! Down­pours! Wind­storms! Cower ye be­fore Ash­mei’s lat­est of­fer­ing – your days of soak­ing Bri­tain’s cyclists are over!

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When­ever we end up de­scrib­ing Ash­mei prod­ucts in Bike­setc the phrase ‘well thought out’ is one that we prob­a­bly overuse. So we’re go­ing to go with bien pensé for their new rain jacket, partly be­cause the item is def­i­nitely that, and partly be­cause we be­lieve that by splash­ing a bit of French about the gaff we make our­selves look more in­tel­li­gent. So what makes Ash­mei’s new Wa­ter­proof Jacket so good? Well, it’s mainly the tech that’s been pumped into its con­struc­tion. It’s made from su­per-thin 7 mi­cron lam­i­nate, which keeps the weight of the whole thing down to 250g. It’s also been coated with a durable wa­ter re­pel­lent treat­ment. The re­sult is some­thing that is highly breath­able (a claimed 45,000gm/m2/24hrs) and yet wa­ter­proof. As­ton­ish­ingly wa­ter­proof. Ash­mei told us the lam­i­nate fab­ric sys­tem will with­stand the pres­sure of 20,000mm of wa­ter – dou­ble the 10,000mm com­monly found among the best wa­ter­proofs on the mar­ket and more than you’d ever need un­less you’re con­sid­er­ing us­ing this for a spot of scuba div­ing. To test this claim, erm, sci­en­tif­i­cally, we de­cided the best way to take a shower in the jacket. And the re­sults were gen­uinely wow-in­duc­ing with the wa­ter sim­ply bounc­ing off. The inset shoddy iphone pic (left) will give you an idea of just how wa­ter­proof this thing is. The fab­ric also has plenty of stretch in it, so will give you a fit­ted look with­out cut­ting the cir­cu­la­tion off from your bulging bi­ceps. Ash­mei’s usual, erm, well-thought-out de­sign licks are much in ev­i­dence, too. There are four rear pock­ets, one of which is zipped and one of which has a mag­ne­tised flap; two wa­ter­proof/zipped pocket holes for easy ac­cess to your jer­sey; and an in­te­grated reflective down the back in the form of a stylish polka dot stripe. There’s even two wee lazer-cut holes to­wards the bot­tom of the stripe to al­low mois­ture to es­cape. We told you it was flip­pin’ bien pensé! Avail­able in sizes XS-XXL, and in ei­ther red or navy.


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