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De­cid­ing what socks to don be­fore mount­ing a bi­cy­cle should be a pretty straight­for­ward busi­ness. Once upon a time, just two shades of stock­ing were ac­cept­able – black for train­ing, white for race days. But then along came Lance Arm­strong (re­mem­ber him? Big, cheaty Yank chap) who rocked dark hosiery even when he was rac­ing. He also pre­ferred a ‘taller’ sock as op­posed to the an­kle-nib­blers worn by the likes of Mer­ckx, Coppi and Kelly – who only ever seemed to wear white ones, re­gard­less of what they were do­ing on a bike. Since then, cy­cling socks have gone ba­nanas, with all sorts of colours, pat­terns and lengths on show ev­ery­where from pro rac­ing to Sun­day club rides. So what’s the an­swer? Be­ing open-minded types at Bike­setc, we say wear what­ever you feel com­fort­able in, al­though we do rec­om­mend that your socks at least match. Oh and co-or­di­nat­ing them with the rest of your kit isn’t a bad idea ei­ther. With all that in mind, here’s our pick of the lat­est socks for your con­sid­er­a­tion…

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