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WHAT THEY SAY: The Hrc+merino™ wool sock has be­come Giro’s most loved sock for rid­ers who de­mand per­for­mance.

WHAT WE SAY: Th­ese pro­vide ex­cep­tional com­fort, breatha­bil­ity and snug­ness. By us­ing merino wool in their con­struc­tion, Giro has en­sured that al­though th­ese are the most ex­pen­sive on test, they’ll serve you well in a va­ri­ety of weather con­di­tions, keep­ing feet warm when it’s chilly and al­low­ing them to stay cool when it hots up. Merino’s anti-bac­te­rial prop­er­ties should also stop them get­ting too stinky. They’re re­in­forced at the toe and heel with ny­lon, too, to pro­tect them against de­vel­op­ing holes, while the elas­ti­cated fit, that ex­tends to your lower calf, af­fords a de­gree of com­pres­sion which can help with cir­cu­la­tion. Avail­able in ei­ther ul­tra­vi­o­let/ ver­mil­lion (seen here), blue/black or lime/ black and in sizes rang­ing from S to XL.

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