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If you’re run­ning tube­less tyres, the Airstore is well worth con­sid­er­ing. It has a small valve that locks off the noz­zle; op­er­at­ing the pump then stores the com­pressed air in the main cham­ber un­til you reach the de­sired pres­sure, then you just open the valve to re­lease the charge in a quick hit to pop the tyre out against the bead and seal it in one go. The adapt­able head is su­per-tight over valves with re­place­able cores and needs to be un­screwed to suit Schrader valves. A top mounted gauge that has clear grad­u­a­tions all the way to 260psi makes for easy read­ing, while the Airstore’s al­loy han­dle, bar­rel and foot make it a use­ful ev­ery day item and even if you’re not us­ing tube­less now, it’ll keep you fu­ture-proofed.

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