Nutri­tion – What are you drink­ing?

It’s easy to get car­ried away at this time of year, so it’s worth know­ing just how many calo­ries are crammed into your glass…

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Don’t let the hidden calo­ries in fes­tive tip­ples spoil your waist­line.


Clearly, watch­ing the amount you put away over Chrimbo is worth keep­ing a (blurry) eye on, but there are other things you can do, too. Switch­ing to slim­line tonic wa­ters and diet mix­ers are go­ing to save you a lot of calo­ries – up to nearly 100 calo­ries if you opt for Diet Coke rather than the full-fat ver­sion and even more if you ditch fruit juices in favour of low-cal ton­ics. Also, look­ing at this ta­ble, it’s clear that you’re best off swerv­ing the sea­sonal mulled wine al­to­gether. Yeah, we know it’s Santa’s favourite tip­ple, but that’s prob­a­bly why he’s such a big unit! Swap it out for a glass of bub­bly in­stead, yeah? Cheers!

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