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Mor­gan Blue has a typ­i­cally straight­for­ward ap­proach to its Care bucket as it is rather down to earth. It con­tains a bike wash, chain cleaner, race chain oil along with clean­ing glove, cloth and, of course, the bucket it­self. So you’ll need to sup­ply your own brushes and a chain bath, if you want one. The 500ml of wash is de­signed to give five uses in the 10 litre bucket. It’s a two-part sys­tem that has an ac­tive soap and a pro­tec­tive wax layer to help give a good-look­ing fin­ish. In­struc­tions are non-ex­is­tent which is kind of un­help­ful with the chain cleaner as it states sim­ply ‘ap­ply on the chain’. With no noz­zle to re­strict flow, there is no op­tion but to pour it on, which isn’t ideal. The Mi­crofi­bre glove is a win, though, hold­ing plenty of wa­ter and mak­ing an easy job of clean­ing any­where you get your hands.

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