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Of all March’s at­trac­tions, none en­thralls me more than Bri­tain’s sole ven­omous rep­tile, the Ad­der. Even the weak­est late-win­ter sun con­veys suf­fi­cient so­lar en­ergy to en­tice male snakes out of their un­der­ground ‘hi­ber­nac­ula’ and they are poised to mate the mo­ment fe­males emerge. Un­for­tu­nately, Ad­ders are in trou­ble, with pop­u­la­tions de­clin­ing and dis­ap­pear­ing. Your best chance to see them is on an early-morn­ing visit to heath­land or chalk down­land. Check shel­tered, south-fac­ing banks.

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