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7,000: Bewick’s Swans win­ter in the UK ev­ery year, around 40% of the es­ti­mated north-west Euro­pean pop­u­la­tion

60 pairs: The amount of Whin­chats found in 2015 on the East­ern Moors, com­pared to 25 in 2010.

60 years: How long ago WWT Founder Sir Peter Scott dis­cov­ered the Green­land White-fronted Goose

35,573: The high­est num­ber of Green­land White-fronted Geese recorded in the UK. That was in 1999. 30-40 mil­lion: The num­ber of wa­ter­birds counted ev­ery year by the In­ter­na­tional Wa­ter­birds Census

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